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NiQuesha Grisham



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Salon Specialities:


– Full Body Waxing

– Facial waxing (Eyebrows, Lip, Chin)

– Brazilian (Bikini Wax)

– Underarms

– Chest>

– Arms

– Back

– Legs

– And More…


About Me:

My name is NiQuesha Grisham, and I am a Licensed Cosmetologist located in Ann Arbor, MI. My specialty is body waxing, and I have been in the industry for about 18 years. Starting out in two different salons where I was a hairstylist, manicurist, and facial waxer at one and a receptionist at the other. I wanted to learn the ins and outs of operating a salon/spa because I dreamed of one day owning my own. I am a native of Ann Arbor having earned my high school diploma from Huron High and my Cosmetology license from Huron Valley Beauty Academy in 2001.

I began working in salons only two months after graduating High school. I am an alumnus of Eastern Michigan University, where I earned my BBA in Management w/a concentration in Human Resources (2012). After a few years of job searching, I decided it was time to go back to my first passion. But, this time I decided to pursue the esthetic side of my license.

I have been body waxing for almost two years, come this January 2019. And, I absolutely LOVE what I do! I started in a center that only offers waxing services using (hard wax), and after a year I decided to open my own business working out of my home part-time. The name, The Traveling Waxer, came about because I wanted to offer a mobile waxing solution. But, it turns out that people did not mind having to venture out for services. I kept the name because another thing I love to do is travel! I would love to travel all over the world if I could.

Over 20 years of customer service experience and 18 years in the beauty industry, and 2 years of waxing. The Traveling Waxer offers quality hair removal services utilizing hard. My goal is to provide a comfortable waxing experience that is both efficient and fast. And to ensure that every client is treated with the care and attentiveness that I would expect to receive if I were the one being serviced.

NiQuesha Grisham

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The Traveling Waxer inside of Hair Essentials – 4695 Washtenaw Avenue Studio 15 – Ann Arbor

The Traveling Waxer
4695 Washtenaw Ave, Ste. 15
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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