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There are multiple ways to alter the style of your hair for a longer, fuller look. One of the most popular ways to do that is to use sew-in hair weaves. In fact, sew-in weaves are one style that you would love to apply over and over again. However, not many sew-in weave salons in & near Ann Arbor, MI know how to properly install sew-ins for a seamless look. At Hair Essentials Salon Studios in Ann Arbor, MI, we have a highly experienced and skilled team of sew-in hairstylists who have mastered the application of weaves to create the desired look for every client.

What is a Sew-in Hair Weave?

A sew-in weave is a technique in which extensions are applied to a woman’s natural hair. The installation process involves sewing the wefts or the extension into the hair. It requires expert skills to complete the installation in a correct manner. The hairstylist uses needles and thread and then sews in the pieces of extension onto the tracks or cornrows for proper placement. The required time for installing a sew-in weave in & near Ann Arbor, MI varies from one person to another, based on the length and texture of their hair as well as the type of sew-in chosen for installations.

Our sew-ins and hair weave specialists are more than ready to help you achieve the look you have always wanted. We also offer salon suite rentals in Ann Arbor for those beauty professionals that want to operate their own beauty salon.

Benefits of Using Sew-in Hair Weaves

Installation of a sew-in hair weave offers multiple benefits. That is exactly why women like to wear them on their hair. Among all the hair extensions, sew-in weaves are one of the most preferred and popular. Given below are some of the key benefits that sew-in hair weaves have to offer.

Little Upkeep

After the sew-in has been installed, your own hair mostly remains tucked away. Using sew-in weaves is an excellent way to reduce the exposure of your natural hair to external elements. As a result of this, your natural hair will not require a great deal of maintenance.


Due to the method in which they are skillfully sewn, these hair weaves are termed permanent hair extensions. Provided you give them proper care and attention, they will last for a long time.

Flawless Look

The best thing about sew-in hair is that it seamlessly blends with natural hair. The look is not just beautiful and attractive, but also flawless. Once installed, it will be hard for anyone to tell if you are wearing a sew-in hair weave on your natural hair.


There are different installation methods for various types of hair extensions. Some extensions require the use of adhesive or tape. But the installation of sew-in extensions is devoid of any kind of adhesive or chemicals. The entire process is natural and free from any kind of chemicals that can cause damage to your own hair. A sew-in is also tangle-free, offering a joyful and comfortable experience.


When using any other extensions, women have a fear of whether they will stay secure or fall off. Since sew-ins are meticulously sewn onto natural hair, they remain fully secure in their place. Once the weave hair extension has been installed, you can be completely worry-free that will not fall off or move from its place. In fact, you can go on and participate in activities such as running, swimming or exercising. The sew-in will stay tight and secure regardless of how long you want to wear them.

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Installation of a sew-in weave in & near Ann Arbor, MI is a job that requires a high level of precision. If you plan to add it to your hair for more length and volume, you should rely only on highly experienced professionals. At Hair Essentials Salon Studios, we specialize in the installation of sew-in hair weaves in & near Ann Arbor, MI. Regardless of whether you have long hair or your hair is just growing, our hairdressers know how to do the job right while addressing your individual needs in terms of look, flow, and style.

Our beauty professionals will help you select a perfect sew-in and then carry out the installation process with high precision. In addition, the stylists will also equip you with lots of practical tips to maintain the flawless look of your sew-in weave for as long as possible.

At our weave hair salon in Ann Arbor, MI, you will get the opportunity to pick a sew-in that is a perfect match for your own hair. There is a broad range of sew-in hair weaves for every client to choose from. Our hairstylists will also educate you on how to take good care of your sew-in weave in & near Ann Arbor, MI. Once the sew-in has been applied, we’ll recommend top-quality hair care products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sew-in weave?

A sew-in weave, also known as a sew-in or a weave extension, is a hair extension technique where natural hair is braided into cornrows and then extensions are sewn onto the braids using thread and a needle. This method allows for a secure and long-lasting installation of hair extensions.

How long does a sew-in weave typically last?

The duration of a sew-in weave can vary depending on factors such as the type of hair used, the skill of the stylist, and how well the client cares for the weave. Generally, a sew-in weave can last from 6 to 8 weeks before needing to be removed and reinstalled.

Is it safe to get a sew-in weave?

When done by a skilled and experienced stylist, a sew-in weave can be a safe and effective way to add length and volume to your hair. However, improper installation or neglecting proper care can lead to issues such as hair breakage, scalp irritation, or even hair loss.

How should I care for my sew-in weave?

Proper care is crucial to maintain the look and health of your sew-in weave. Here are some essential care tips:
Washing: Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Gently wash the scalp and extensions, avoiding rough scrubbing.
Drying: Allow the hair to air dry or use a blow dryer on a cool setting to prevent damage.
Styling: Avoid excessive heat and use heat protectant products when styling with hot tools.

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