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Natural Hair Salon in Ann Arbor, MI

If you are looking for a natural hair salon in & near Ann Arbor, MI with lots of ideas for natural hair, you should head straight to Hair Essentials Salon Studios, operating in and near Ann Arbor in MI. Our hairdressers and natural hair color experts will help you keep your natural hair healthy and shiny with a dazzling look.

Hair that has not been altered in style and texture is natural hair. Women need to take proper care of their natural hair in order to maintain its health, shine, and flow. But the problem is that not many hair salons offer professional beauty services for taking care of natural hair.

Which ideas will be ideal for your natural hair depends on what type of hair you have. Haircare specialists need to treat each hair type with the most suited care routine and products for healthy hair.

Hair Essentials Salon Studios specializes in educating women on how to take the finest care of their hair, unlike many other natural hair salons that simply do not know how to treat natural hair with the proper care.

We also offer salon suite rentals for hair care experts that want to open and operate their own natural hair salon. Contact us for more information today!

Natural Hair Salon

Types of Natural Hair

First, our natural hair care specialists determine your hair type. Categories of natural hair include 3a hair, 3b hair, 3c hair, 4a hair, 4b hair, etc. Each of these hair types requires specialized care and attention. Many women have hair types that are a mix of various hair types.

Whether you have loopy curls, well-defined curls, corkscrew pattern hair, or cottony and fluffy hair, our natural hair salon services are designed to give the most appropriate care that it deserves.

While a lot of hair salons simply do not understand how to give natural hair the kind of care it requires, Hair Essentials Salon Studios specializes in helping women take the best care of their hair.

At Hair Essentials Salon Studios, we have sound knowledge of how to give natural hair the best care with the use of the right care techniques and hair care products with fewer chemicals at our hair salon.

What Are the Styling Services for Natural Hair?

You can make various styling choices for your natural hair. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Hair Straightening

If you are looking to straighten your natural hair for an upcoming party, function, or date, you should head straight to our hair salon. Our hairdressers will do the job with absolute perfection to give your hair a brand new look that you would love to sport to others. Our rebonding services are designed as per the specific requirements of each type of natural hair.

Hair Extensions

If a DIY haircut attempt has ruined the attractive look of your natural hair, extensions can help. You can also wear extensions to add extra length and volume to your natural hair. Our hair extension services are designed to give you a brand new look and style for everyone to admire. Our hairstylists employ the latest techniques and modern styles for the best results.

Styling Services for Natural Hair

Hair Coloring

At our salon, you will find endless coloring options to choose from. We have a highly trained team of natural hair color specialists who know how to create a wonderful texture and depth with coloring. To find your favorite color, you should check out the hair color page on our website.

Hair Curling

Whether you want well-defined curls or just a subtle wavy look, you can always rely on the expertise of our hairdressers. Our natural hair salon specialists in and near Ann Arbor will create a curly hair look that will attract eyeballs. Feel free to call us and schedule a consultation at our natural hair salon in & near Ann Arbor, MI.

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HESS Offers the Highest Quality Natural Hair Services

While you have our hairdressers and hair stylists by your side, you can feel confident that your natural hair will receive the most ideal care and treatment. Due to our expert knowledge and understanding of various natural hair types and problems, our specialists will do their best.

Moisture Retention

Moisture is a key problem with loopy curls and kinks. Women with straight hair do not usually face this problem. But if you have curls, you will find it hard to keep your hair moisturized, because oil cannot travel down the hair shaft easily. You also need to follow a suitable hair care regimen so that your natural hair does not dry out quickly.


Due to shrinkage, longer natural hair appears to be of shorter length. This is a common problem that women with curly hair face. For hairdressers, it is crucial to understand how shrinkage affects the appearance of natural hair and apply solutions while keeping the problem in mind. At our salon, we take shrinkage into account during haircuts and styling.

Hair Porosity

This refers to the capacity of natural hair to retain moisture. Many women have different hair porosity in different sections of their natural hair. This results from the application of chemical treatments as well as from damage due to heat treatments. Our hairdressers understand how hair porosity

We Know How To Treat Natural Hair

No matter what type or texture of hair you have, there are some problems that are common to natural hair. Once you are at our hair salon, you can feel confident that our hairdressers will provide you with top-quality services so that your hair remains healthy, shiny, and flowy. At our natural hair salon in & near Ann Arbor, MI, we specialize in addressing a complete range of issues that you may face with your natural hair.

At Hair Essentials Salon Studios, we take care of our clients with a passion. You can trust our beauty professionals to give you the best natural hair care services. We also offer salon suite rentals for beauty professionals that aspire to open and run their own salon in Ann Arbor. To rent a salon or schedule an appointment, contact us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your hair salon offer?

At our hair salon in Ann Arbor, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet various hair care needs. These include haircuts for men, women, and children, hair coloring, highlights, balayage, hair styling for special occasions, hair loss treatments, hair braiding and hair extensions. We also provide hair treatments such as deep conditioning and scalp massages.

How do I book an appointment at your Ann Arbor hair salon?

Booking an appointment at our Ann Arbor hair salon is easy and convenient. You can schedule your visit by calling us, using our online booking system on our website, or by visiting us in person. We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time slot.

What hair products do you use?

We use high-quality professional hair products at our salon to ensure excellent results and the health of your hair. Our product range includes reputable brands known for their performance and safety. We also offer guidance on home hair care routines and recommend products tailored to your hair type and needs.

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