Causes of Dry Hair

When meeting new people, odds are your hair is the first thing they will notice about you. They will notice the color and notice the styling and how much effort you put into it. Then based on these observations, they will use this to form an opinion about you. This is why the hair demands so much attention, time and money. Some call it a crowning glory as it encapsulates your physical and mental states adequately.

And whilst hair care could be easy to deal with for some people, a major cause for concern occurs whenever soft bouncy hair becomes dull, grainy hair. This is called dry hair and it affects just about anyone from all walks of life.

And whilst dry hair could be caused by just about anything, check out these general causes:

Overheating your hair:

    Feeling the heat on your hair after a good rinse could be such a great feeling. Or if you are the kind of person who washes her hair everyday and you cannot afford to be late, you are definitely familiar with the hair dryer and the heat it brings.

    Well the bad news is that hair dryer and all hair dryers may be sucking out all the life from your hair. In fact, these heats producing applications have the penchant of stripping hair of it’s natural hair moisture.

    Using the wrong product:

      Before trying on any product, it is imperative you confirm completely if it is the right fit for your hair. Google every product and read and compare testimonials you find online. If you are still confused about what to use, ask the in-house attendant before you make a decision.

      Your essential products should have avocado oil, argan oil or coconut oil within them as they do have all the ingredients necessary to aid hair growth.

      If your hair is too dry, you can get it professionally treated at a hair salon. Large and modern barbershops and salons offer various hair treatment services so make sure to visit a salon. If you are looking for a salon studio in and near Ann Arbor, MI, then HESS is the right place for you. At HESS, we offer beauty salon services ranging from nail salon services to makeup and skincare treatment.

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