How to choose the best location for your hair salon

As with any other business, the location of your hair salon is critical. It will determine just how successful your hair salon will be. Location is typically determined by the clientele. If you expect people in the business community to come to your hair salon, why would you then bother to place it miles away from major cities?

In case you have not noticed, people typically design their life to make use of things around them. If your hair salon is right in the middle of the city, for example, you stand a better chance of getting business ladies and businessmen to come to your hair salon.

You want to go for locations with as much traffic as possible. Think of it as a lottery. The more people who see your natural hair salon, the better the chance you have at getting them as clients.

You do not expect people to go to a business they do not know of. If people see your business on the street, you stand a higher chance of enticing them to come in. You should think of ingenious ways to make your hair salon stand out, especially if it is situated on a street that has several other hair salons.

You are making a ‘street pitch’. Depending on the location, a potential customer will be on that street for a particular amount of time before your hair salon gets out of sight.

You need to brew up their interest enough for them to walk into your salon. If your hair salon is situated next to a bus stop, for example, you can afford to have displays that run for up to two minutes on the windows of your shop as the assumption is that potential clients will have sufficient time to look at the display as they wait to board a bus.

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