Choosing the Best Braiding Hairstyle

Braiding is one of the most preferred protective hairstyles especially for African American hair. It gives you and your hair a break from each other. This allows you to have less preparation time in the morning and night since extensive hair care is out of the equation for a while. Additionally, it gives the hair time to rest from manipulation, heat application and all the other processes it goes through when it is not braided.

To choose the most appropriate braiding hairstyle, you should consider a number of factors. These include:

What Is in Fashion?

From time to time, some new hairstyles come up. People prefer to try them since being in step with the current times is something that most people aspire to. It also helps you to diversify on your look. Perhaps you are used to one hairstyle that makes your hair look absolutely great. However, consider living on the edge. Try out some braiding hairstyles that are currently trending.

Choose the Best Brand of Braids

The next step is to decide on the brand of hair braids that you are going to use. This largely determines the hairstyle that you will have at the end of the day. Synthetic braids work well on three strand braids and twists. On the other hand, if you want to get some beautiful crotchet braids, it would be best to go for Marley hair if you prefer a textured look or opt for synthetic curled hair is you want more of a ‘weave’ or hair extension look.

Additionally, choosing the highest quality of braids will determine how long you can have the braids in. high quality hair can last longer without compromising your own hair, that is, the ends and the roots. On the other hand, low quality braids encourage snagging and breakage which is not preferred.

Consider the Shape of Your Face

Do you know the shape of your face? Is it round or oval? These are questions that you should ask your hairstylist. You can also check for guidelines on the internet on the same. Once you know the shape of your face, you can easily tell the hairstyles that will or won’t work for you. If you cannot get a bob cut with your own natural hair because of the shape of your face, then you should not consider getting bob box braids.

The length of your hair will also play a critical role on the type of hairstyles that you can get. Longer hair will call for longer braids when it comes to specific braiding patters such as three strand twists that are gripped from the roots. The length of the hair may not be a factor for crotchet braiding hairstyles.


Once you have these factors figured out, you are now able to choose a great braiding pattern. You are less likely to end up with a hairstyle that you will regret having for the next few weeks or so. The great thing about braiding is the versatility that it offers for both official and casual occasions.

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