Choosing the name of your hair salon

A hair salon is a business just like any other. The name given to a business at the very onset is important for a couple of reasons. First, this name will seldom change. It, therefore, makes sense to start off with a name that will do the hair salon justice. Also, the hair salon will need a name that best describes it in terms of the ambiance or style. This description must stick for the lifetime of the hair salon.

The name must match the style. If it goes by the name Modern Barber Shop, for example, it would be expected that the hair salon would have top-of-the-range equipment and most probably entertain customers while they are being served.

Such a hair salon would not need to serve its clients a beer for example as this is typical for a traditional hair salon. The name of your hair salon sets the expectation for a potential customer before he or she walks into the hair salon.

hair salon

There are a couple of pitfalls you should avoid when naming your hair salon. Do not pick a name that will go out of trend in a couple of years. Remember a hair salon will most likely adapt to its clientele and it is possible that the focus may shift. It is prudent to therefore pick a name that will describe an element of the business that will remain the same regardless of the change in business model or shift in clientele for example.

If your hair salon evolves and this forces you to change the name as it simply does not fit the hair salon anymore, your business would be taken a couple of steps backward as you would have to build up the new name. It is important to consider this especially once you appreciate the fact that people like things they are familiar with.

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