Different Applications for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are increasingly popular. Almost every woman wants hair extensions because of their perfect look and the ease of taking care of them. It is just like having your own hair but longer, with more volume and prettier. There are various methods of applying for hair extensions. These include:

Sewing In

Sewing in is recommended for people who have strong and thicker hair that can withstand a lot of tension. First the hair has to be braided and tightened. Then the extensions are sewn in. This is definitely going to cut dry, thin and brittle hair. It is worse because you have to retighten the hair once every few weeks so it can still look good and also so it can last longer.


Clip-ins are the simplest to install. All you have to do is clip the hair extension in place. This is common with people who want a quick fix. If you want to attend a ceremony or an occasion and do not have time to visit the salon but you want your hair to look great, clip-ins are the best. They are also common among folk who do not want to commit to the installation and removal process of extensions. For clip-ins you do not have to use heat or glue so the hair is not at risk of any damage.

Top pieces

Top pieces are designed for those who have crowns that are thinning out or balding. They are fixed at the crown to disguise the hair that is thinning and maintain a look of a full head of hair flawlessly.

Micro beads

Micro beads are also known as micro links. The hair extensions have a silicon bead that is attached near the root of your hair. This holds firmly and does not require the use of heat or adhesive. They are very popular although you have to be careful when using conditioner. Using it too close to the scalp means that the extensions will slide off.


Taping requires the use of some heat. Wefts of hair are attached to the tape. Once you heat the tape, apply it a few centimeters above the roots of your hair to stick the weft. They are often used to add volume. When you have tape extensions, you are advised to stay away from conditioner and oils as they weaken the adhesiveness of the tape. This means that you will have your extensions in for a shorter period.


Cold or hot fusion is performed on individual strands of hair through bonding. It requires the use of heat and keratin. This is one of the most dangerous types of hair extension installation and should therefore be done by a professional to avoid disastrous effects on your hair. The application method is the most expensive and stays in the longest, up to six months.

Taking down the extensions must also be done by a professional to avoid damaging the hair. You rub some gel onto each strand and work it in until the adhesive loosens and frees the extension to come off your hair.

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