Dry Hair and how to treat it

Your hair is your crowning identity. It is the first thing people notice when you walk into a room and it forms the foundation for the opinion that would be formed about you amongst every other thing. And this is why your hair demands so much attention, time and money. Some call it your crow because it completely captures your physical and mental states adequately.

And whilst hair care could be easy to deal with for some people, a major cause for concern occurs whenever soft bouncy hair becomes dull, grainy hair. This is called dry hair and it affects just about anyone from all walks of life.

Whilst grainy hair could be caused by a wide range of issues starting from use of wrong product to applying too much heat on your hair, it is definitely a treatable problem and we have all the answers you need:

Ditch the fro:

    An essential of healthy hair is the fact recognizing when it is in need of a chop. And it is even more necessity when dealing with dry hair as it is an important step to take in keeping those pesky strands under control.

    Whilst it is not necessary to completely lose your hair or switch to a low cut, you would be wise to ascertain the severity of your condition before knowing how low your hair should be cut.

    Stay away from problematic hairstyles:

      Stay away from hairstyles that would cause you to pull your hair into an elastic band. Avoid braids, top knots or even pony tails. Avoid metallic hair clips or any form of extension that as the tendency to tug at your edges.

      Be gentle with your hair:

        Treat your hair like you would treat your newly born child. Apply the best products and brush and stroke it tenderly. When untangling, take time to find the appropriate brush that is needed for the particular situation and use it appropriately.

        One great way of treating your hair is visiting a hair salon or barbershop to get help from beauty professionals. At HESS, our hairstylists are ready to help your hair look more healthy and beautiful. We also offer other kinds of beauty salon services and salon suite rentals in our hair and nail salon. Contact us today and expect a memorable beauty experience!

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