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Full body waxing can be done for males, females, and teenagers.  Although most clients are very shy and scared to try waxing for the first time, we can guarantee that your first full-body wax with us will be much easier and less painful than you initially thought. Our well-trained Waxing Specialists have years of experience and will treat men, women, and teens with the greatest respect and professionalism. Below is some information to help you understand why waxing can sometimes be unnecessarily painful and how to optimize your waxing results.

Why do I have to wax every three to four weeks for the best results?

Hair grows in three stages, and the time we need to wax is best done at stage 2, as explained:

Stage 1:

A hair root and follicle form and produces new hair in the hair shaft, new hair is still under the skin and not visible.

Stage 2:

Hair appears above the skin and enters a resting phase for approximately 2 weeks, the hair is still attached to the root, and when waxed at this stage, we disrupt the resting phase and confuse the stages altogether, as a whole new hair root and follicle with a new hair needs to be produced again.

This in itself takes another couple of weeks. When waxing is done every three weeks, we continuously remove hair that is actively growing from stage 1, and over prolonged times will reduce hair growth, hair will become finer and patchiness can start to be seen.

Stage 3:

After 2-3 weeks of resting the hair will detach itself from the root to start falling out, and stage 1 will start again.

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If waxing is done at this stage, we are only removing hairs that have no roots and new hair will be seen a couple of days after waxing. This is why a client may feel that waxing is not a long-lasting solution to hair removal, but if waxing was done on actively growing short hairs, in Stage 2, the results will be long-lasting.

Is there such a thing as almost pain-free waxing?

Proper preparation, good quality products, and brilliant Waxing Specialists will contribute towards an easy waxing experience.  Pain-free waxing boils down to four things:

  1. Last hair removal method
  2. Length of hair
  3. Wax formula and technique used in studio
  4. Experience of the therapist doing the wax

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Last hair removal method before your wax:

Shaving cuts the hair off at the skin’s surface for a smooth feeling. However, it is a very short-lived silkiness as most clients report that shaving is necessary every day. Regular shaving causes hair to thicken and reappear hard and black. The first wax after a shave can be done 2-3 weeks after the last shave.

Because the hair is coarse the first wax will feel more uncomfortable than future waxes.  The wax will pull roots and hair follicles out and the results are well worth the first wax as hair takes a while to grow back. After a first wax hair will return in about 2 weeks’ time after a Brazilian wax for example. To prepare best for your first wax, if you are a shaving client, rather remove the hair with a hair removal cream and wait 2-3 weeks, the hair from a removal cream tends to grow out softer than with a shave.

Length of hair:

The longer you leave the hair to grow out, the more painful your waxing experience will be. We recommend waxing every 3-4 weeks as the hair just returned after the last wax and are still short and actively growing.  Long hair causes unnecessary pulling which causes pain.  If the hair is short the wax can just grip onto the hair and waxing can be done in a clean, easy motion.

Wax and technique used in studio:

The wax used at Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists is hand mixed to ensure a perfect working consistency, which dries very quickly and doesn’t cause unnecessary heat on the skin.  A thin barrier of powder is used on the skin before the wax is applied to ensure that wax does not cling to the skin and that no skin is pulled in the process. The wax encapsulates every hair and pulls it directly from the skin in one clean motion.  No hair can be broken off with this wax which leaves clients’ hair free for a long period of time.

Experience of the therapist doing the wax:

Even with the best wax formula and perfectly prepared skin one will experience a painful wax if the therapist performing the treatment is not experienced.  Every client is an individual and should be treated as such, and at Fast and Furious Waxing Specialists, we pride ourselves in the fact that we have years and years of experience behind us.

FAQ:  I am worried about public hygiene in a salon environment, do you sterilize everything you use?

Yes, our waxing rooms and equipment are cleaned and sterilized between clients to ensure extreme hygiene. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are obsessed with cleaning and sanitizing our work areas.  We use disposables where possible and all linen is fresh for each client.  You will see a sign on the bed before you get on that shows you that your bed has been sanitized.

FAQ:  I’m a male and have never had any waxing done before, what if I get aroused?

Our waxing specialists are extremely professional and well-trained, and will not make you feel uncomfortable in any way.  It is very unlikely to be aroused during a waxing treatment and it is a very similar experience to seeing your doctor for an appointment.  Unless your doctor arouses you too, you will be fine on our bed. We also don’t touch you in any way, except to remove the wax.

FAQ:  Can I wax when I have my monthly period?

Female skins are quite sensitive during this time but waxing can still be done. Just wear a clean tampon and inform your waxing specialist so that she is aware to take extra care.​

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​FAQ:  I am extremely shy and feel so embarrassed to be naked in front of my therapist, will I be OK?

Our full body waxing specialists are friendly and professional and have beautiful bedside manners to make you feel at ease. Our professionally trained eyes are looking for hair and we are not staring at your body! We can’t remember what your body looks like after the wax, but we will surely remember if we missed a hair. A missed hair will definitely keep us awake at night, but definitely not the sight of cellulite or a love handle!

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