Hair Extension Tips

Most women who get hair extensions either don’t have the patience to take care of their original hair or don’t know how. This is probably the reason why they get hair extensions in the first place because their long hair tends to look unruly instead of lovely. Just like in the case of real hair, extensions also need to be cared for long-term sustenance. After all, getting hair extensions is no cheap or inexpensive move, major money is involved. To get the most for your money with your extensions, there are a few simple rules that one should follow. First, wash your hair every 2-3 days. It is important that one does not wash extensions every day because it can loosen or wear off the bonds.

Another point is that it is important to condition or moisturize your hair after every wash because unlike our natural oils that are released through our scalp, extensions have no way of getting conditioned. If you fail to condition, your extensions are in danger of getting ragged and brittle and will eventually split. Also, because of the nature of hair extensions, one has to make more effort to wash between the weave and the braids. Second, while brushing your hair, make sure to be extra gentle.

More often, we take our hair for granted and brush our hair roughly, almost to the point of yanking out the strands. However, with hair extensions, you’re not only in risk of yanking out hair extensions, but also your natural hair. One has to be even more careful with hair extensions. Brush in a downward motion. On average, our natural hair grows about 1 to 2 inches every 2 months.

The braids will still be intact and the wefts will still be attached to the braids. This is also usually the time when you will pay your hairstylist or extension artist a visit and have the wefts removed from the braids and ultimately checked for damage. The braids are then unattached and the whole process of attaching them should be done. In case you want to perm, rebond or color your hair, opt to do it with a stylist instead of doing it yourself. In the same way, retouching for the same should also be dealt with in the same manner, by a stylist.

At the end of the day, taking care of your extensions is just like taking care of your actual hair. A few tips to prevent quick wearing away of the extensions also mean investing time as much as money. Small things like never sleeping with wet hair or tying your hair up when sleeping or exercising will make all the difference.

Your hair extension will last longer and stay healthy if they are applied by professionals. HESS has deluxe hair salons and barbershops that provide this service of the highest quality. We also provide beauty experts with salon suite rentals to help them open their own hair salon, nail salon, etc. and grow their businesses. Contact us today if you are looking for the best salon in and near Ann Arbor, MI.