Hair Salon Products – Quality Treatments Begin With High-End Formulas

Hair salon supplies can be separated into hair care, skin care, bath, hand & foot, cosmetics, hair color, & hair removal products among a lot of others. A giant number of brands & companies exist that offer different types of hair salon products.

For basic skin & body care, hair salons usually have antimicrobial hand & body wash, pedicures, sea mineral masques & manicure kits, expert facial care, paraffin bath, & hot spa for nails. Theraffin, FantaSea, Therabath, Body Drench & many more deliver masques, washes, creams, gels, & other things for vital body & skin care.

It seems like a common sighting that a customer leaving the hair salon or barbershop after a hair treatment can be seen carrying a bag full of cosmetic products. These are the special hair salon products that are usually used for treatments inside the salon but can also be used even at home.

Salons are also selling these to some regular customers who got used to the application of the said products. The products that are available in salons also have their counterparts in the grocery and other stores.

Beauty Salon Products

Compared to the beauty or hair care products that are available in grocers, those used in a salon have slight differences in the ingredients used that are more effective when compared directly with over-the-counter products, for the most part. The right choice of surfactants used in salon products makes them better to use and more effective than their counterparts.

The surfactant composes most of the products’ ingredients next to water. Surfactants like ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium Laureth sulfate, and sodium laurel sulfate make the water look wetter and sometimes help in lathering the cleansing agents or even working as the cleansing agent. The most widely used surfactant is sodium Laureth sulfate for its gentle features on the skin and scalp.

Gentler surfactants are usually used in salon shampoos and frequently in store-available shampoos. They are used to enhance better and deeper penetration of the conditioner into the scalp, and hair shaft and to lock in more moisture into the hair.

These special ingredients make salon products more expensive than the ones that are available in local stores. Regular customers of the salon can avail of these products at special discounted prices.

Beauty Salon Products

Other ingredients aside from water and surfactants include the aroma, coloring or dye, and some flavorings or supposedly special additives such as aloe and honey. These ingredients are proven effective but are not really available in hair care products. In order for a product to be effective, it must contain either of these two in its concentrated form. A little amount of these additives on hair salon products won’t surely give an effective application to your hair. Stabilizers and preservatives are also added to almost every product to make them last longer, especially when stored on shelves. Once the product containers are opened the contents much be used in proper time as it degrades faster than the products inside the sealed containers.

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