Does Hair Styling Lead to Hair Loss?

Hair Styling Effects on Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common phenomenon among people of all ages. It is a major concern among women of all ages as well. This has led to increased studies being done on the causes of hair loss. While some reasons, like genetics, are natural, a lot of hair loss among women today is caused by styling practices.

Have you ever noticed that a high percentage of those who have what seem like receding hairlines are women who often wear weaves? Have you also noticed that your hair thins out and even breaks at its edges when you have in braids for long? This is not a coincidence.


Sometimes it is not the hairstyle that is dangerous in itself. It is usually that the style you have on is too tight. While braiding and weaving are the main causes, you will still get alopecia if you tie your hair in a band that is too tight. The same applies to other styles such as flat twists or even twists.

The trick to hair loss treatment is to pick a hairstylist who is willing to listen to your directions against pulling. Let your hairstylist know not to fix the braid in or sew the weave in too tight. This ensures that you can still enjoy your favorite style without compromising on your full head of hair.


You weaken your hair by manipulating it too much. If you are always running your fingers through it, combing it, banding it or changing hairstyles frequently, it is going to weaken. Hair loss and breakage are most common for the beak and brittle hair.

Learn to give your hair and head some time off. Put on a protective style such as loosely-done braids and let them stay in for two to three weeks. This not only helps you save on time when you are preparing to leave the house but also helps to reduce the chances that you will suffer from alopecia. The flip side to this is that you also cannot keep the braids in too long. They become loose and exert tension on the part of your hair that is exposed. This promotes weakness.

Excessive Heat Styling

Some people have trained their hair for heat. Others do not have the same luxury. Too much styling your hair using heat weakens it. You may have had a thick head of hair before but you notice that it has thinned out. Heat interferes with the bonds that are present within your hair strands. It weakens the hair strands eventually leading to breakage. Even then, the strands that grow in place of the old ones still come out thin and brittle.

The solution to this is to stop using too much heat on your hair. Let your hair air dry once in a while. To help with this, put your hair in a protective style. This denies you of numerous opportunities to reach for the drier or the flat iron. If hair styling is professionally done, it can reduce the damage. To do so, you have to find a large and modern beauty salon services in your area that can offer services of a hair salon and barbershop perfectly. In this kind of salons you can also find services like skincare, makeup, nail salon, and hair loss treatments. If you are looking for such hair salons or salon studios for rent in and near Ann Arbor, MI, HESS is the perfect option for you.