Clients, both male, and female take their hair color very seriously. That’s why they’ll shell out big money at the hair salon to get that perfect hair color they desire. Because hair coloring is a costly service, it can be very profitable to become a hair color specialist.

Becoming a hair color specialist is something that takes skill, patience, and lots of practice. Here are some steps to follow if you want to become a hair color specialist:

Go to cosmetology school.

You’ll need to enroll in cosmetology school to learn the basic fundamentals of hair color and hair care. Not only will you learn about the theory of hair color in cosmetology school, but you should also receive hands-on training and be allowed to color the hair of real clients under the supervision of a cosmetology instructor.

Get your license.

Once you graduate from cosmetology school, you’ll need to pass your State Board exam before you can begin working in the beauty industry. You must pass both parts of the exam – the written portion and the practical portion – in order to obtain your license.

Master the formulas.

Once you start working in a salon, do everything you can to learn the advanced techniques of hair coloring. If you’re working as an assistant, try to work closely with the other stylists who are considered to be hair color experts. Cosmetology school will give you a good understanding of the fundamentals, but you’ll learn how to master the formulas and the advanced techniques of hair coloring by working behind the chair.

Get certified.

The best way to establish yourself as a hair color specialist is to take advanced coloring classes and become certified. One of the most popular and renowned certifications is through the American Board of Certified Hair colorists. The exam costs $375 to register and you must pass all three portions – written, performance, and interactive.

Market yourself as a hair color specialist.

Once you’ve become certified, it’s time to begin specializing in hair color at your salon. Market yourself and price your services accordingly. Let all of your clients know that you’re a certified hair colorist.

Continuing your education.

Trends in hair color are continually changing. Continue to stay on top of these new trends by taking advanced coloring classes regularly. Now that you’re a hair color specialist, you need to be able to give your client whatever new, crazy hair color he or she is requesting.

Becoming a hair colorist starts with picking a cosmetology school to enroll in that’s just the right fit for you. The cosmetology school can give you an education in the basic techniques of hair coloring. You’ll receive valuable hands-on training working with real clients on the salon floor and extensive preparation for your State Board exam.

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