How to pick one hairstyle over another

Hair salons are diverse. Depending on the one you go to, there will be a wide range of hairstyles to pick from. What makes you settle with one hair style over the other? You need to take a couple of things into consideration. As a guiding principle, it is important to be cautious of the fact that just because a hairstyle looks good on your friend does not mean it will look good on you.

Several factors must come in to play for a hair style to suit you. The shape of your head is of utmost importance. Certain hairstyles complement certain shapes of the head. If you have a round head for example, why should you even remotely consider getting spikes at a hair salon that will make you look like a scare crow? A hairstyle is meant to make you look your best and thus should be one that works for you.

You need to also consider how long you intend to have the hair style. If you are getting a hair style for a particular event say a wedding, then that really is a special case. However, you do not want to get a hairstyle whose lifespan is say one week yet at the back of our mind you are hoping it will stay put for a couple of months. That is tantamount to expecting a man to fly like a bird. It simply will not happen.

The last consideration you should make is the cost of getting that particular hairstyle at that hair salon. This does not apply to everyone as there are people who are not as price sensitive. However, if money is a huge consideration for you then you need to be cognizant of how much it costs and compare that with how long the hairstyle is expected to last.

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