What You Need To Know About Hair Weave

Hair weaves are generally meant to be a protective hairstyle for those trying to grow their hair long or if one wants to take a break from too much heat styling. Your hair stylist will put your hair into braids then sews the weave into the braids. However, if used too many times on your hair, weaves can cause extensive damage to your natural hair that is underneath though it is meant to protect it. Ensure that the weave is not sewn too tight for this will lead to hair breakage. It is important that the hair underneath is taken good care of the same way you would care for it if you wouldn’t have your weave on top.

Let us have a look at some few pointers when it comes to hair weaves:-

Do not have your hair weaved on for long

The much time you should have your hair weave on is between 4-6 weeks. This is recommended so that you give your scalp time to breathe and also that your natural hair does not stay too much confined. You will also realize that if you stay with the same hair weave for long without washing it leads to uncleanliness which can cause hair loss.

Go for good quality hair weaves

Avoid synthetic hair weaves for they will damage your natural hair extensively. In addition cheap ones will cause scalp irritation. Look out for vendors who stock human hair extensions mixed with synthetic hair. They are of poor quality. Scout for hair specialists who are renowned when it comes to quality and authentic hair weaves.

Work with a budget

Hair weaves cost thousands of shillings depending on the type. It does not mean the more costly the weave is the guaranteed amazing results it will bring out. Do not overspend especially as a first timer because you might end up being duped.

Lastly, before you take your hair weave home check through it thoroughly to ensure it is not damaged. It is advisable that you wash it before having it sewn into your natural hair to ensure that insects are not hiding in the wefts since they can end up affecting your natural hair follicles.

Wearing hair weaves is fun and brings out a different look in you, but all this cannot be interesting if high standards of hair hygiene are not maintained. Therefore, it is better to visit a hair salon or barbershop and ask a real beauty professional for advice. Large salon studios usually offer most hair and nail salon services, so you can find what you want in those salons.