Popular Hair Hacks that Reverse Hair Loss

You do not have to take medication to get your hair back. There are other natural methods of stopping hair loss and re-growing your hair. Some of the best solutions are cheap and use ingredients straight from your pantry. Some of the time-tested natural remedies are:

Coconut and Ginger for Hair Loss Treatment

This hair mask is pretty straightforward. Take one part of ginger and peel it. Clean it off under running water then grate it into a meshed cloth placed over a cup. Hold the four corners of the cloth together to form a sieve. Squeeze the ginger using tongs or your fingers to extract the ginger juice from the pulp. After this, add coconut oil to the cup and stir until the two ingredients mix. Pour the mixture into an applicator bottle and let it sit.

Proceed to heat some water and place it in a small bowl. Place the applicator bottle into the hot water to warm up the mixture. Once it is warm, but not too hot, apply it all over your scalp and massage it in. wear a plastic cap and let it sit for an hour or overnight, depending on what is convenient for you. Wash it off after the duration has elapsed.

Coconut oil is good for the hair while ginger is a natural stimulant. The two work together to promote blood flow and therefore growth of hair.

for Hair Loss Treatment with Onion Water 

As odd as it sounds, onion water is one of the proven solutions for re-growth after hair loss. The first step is to get a medium-sized onion and remove the outer layer. Wash it under running water then dice the onion into a bowl. Take two or three bulbs of garlic and remove the skin, wash and grate into the diced onion. Pour this combination into a blender and blend it into liquid. Sieve the mixture back iinto the bowl and pour it into an applicator bottle. Apply this mixture onto your head and let it sit for thirty minutes. Wash off the mixture afterwards.

This mixture should be applied onto dry hair that is due for a wash. This is because the onion has a pungent smell and is only cleared out by shampoo. It should also be kept in for the prescribed amount of time as keeping it in any longer will make the pungent smell stick.

Rice Water for Hair Loss Treatment

Rice water has been used for hair growth by some communities in Asia for centuries. Rice water has an element called inositol that helps to coat the hair shaft to reduce friction between hair shafts. This carbohydrate substance also helps to repair damaged hair.

To grow back your hair using rice water, clean about a cup of rice and preserve the water from the second wash. Place it in a bottle or a container and put it in a dark but warm environment overnight so it can ferment. Once the water is fermented, boil it to stop the fermentation process. Wash your hair as you usually do. After rinsing off shampoo, rinse your hair with the rice water and let it sit in your hair about twenty minutes before washing it off.

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