Precautions to Take with Sew in Weave

As with every other process, you need to think about the precautions you need to take when you are getting sew-in weaves. You cannot deny that hair extensions have the potential to damage your hair because they do. Many people are even afraid to get sew-in hair extensions in case they end up with bald spots on their heads. The only way to remedy this is to take a few precautions and issue some instructions to your hairstylist. These include:

Tight Braiding

Tight braiding is the main culprit when it comes to traction alopecia. Have you ever seen people with patches on their heads? These are bald spots that have absolutely no hair. In other cases, you might find that someone’s hairline starts further than you would expect it to. This is a problem that comes about as a result of excessively tight cornrows.

When you are getting your sew-in weave installed, you should insist on having the braids loosely done. They should not be so loose that the hair extensions do not hold. However, they should also not be so tight that there is pulling on the scalp.

Sew in Weave

Tight Sewing

Tight sewing goes hand in hand with tight braiding. When you are getting sew-in extensions, you will get the extensions sewn in with a needle and thread. Hair stylists prefer to tighten them so they can last longer and also because they look neater this way. The only problem is that this excessive pulling will definitely lead to hair loss and a receding hairline. You should therefore ask your hairstylist to find a balance between the two extremes, this is: too tight and too loose.

Quality of Hair Extensions

The quality of hair extensions that you use will also matter a lot. If you get high-quality human hair, then the chances of getting hair damage are few. However, synthetic hair is prone to tangling. It is easy to pull and tug at your own hair as you try to comb out the extensions. This is not an ideal situation. Remember that the whole reason you have the extensions in the first place is to protect your hair underneath.

How Long Do They Last?

Your hair can easily get damaged if you leave sew-in extensions for too long. These extensions are designed to last only about four to six weeks before you have to undo them and get them reinstalled. For sew-in weaves, you always have to have conrows underneath. When your hair has conrows for a long period of time, it can easily start getting matted. When you have to undo the hair, you will end up losing a lot of hair as you try to detangle it. This is not a good thing. To avoid this, you should keep the extensions for a limited period of time and then have them removed. There is no point in saving a little money only to lose a huge chunk of your hair.

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