Preparing Synthetic Hair for Braiding

Braiding Using Synthetic Hair

Braids are a certain kind of hair extension that is fixed directly onto each section of hair that you are working with. They come in varying textures and colors but most are synthetic. The degree to which they are synthetic varies. However, these braids have to be adequately prepared before they are installed on your head. One of the reasons why is that they are foreign. Some of the steps include:

Buying the Braids

You cannot work with something you have not bought. Before going to the store to get your braids, you should do some research. Find out the look that you would like with hair braiding, and get second opinions from your friends on what they may or may not have used. Find out the price and quantity and narrow down on some of the best brands.

Head out to the store and buy the braid that you would like based on the information that you gathered. The number of packs you buy will depend on the amount of synthetic hair braiding in each pack, the thickness of your hair, the length of your hair, and the size of braids you would want.

Cleaning the Braids

There are different ways to clean the braids. One involves shampooing synthetic hair. For this, you need a large basin. Fill it about two inches high with water. The amount that you put in the basin should be enough to cover the hair once you place it inside.

Pour a small amount of shampoo and work it into the water then proceed to unpack and place the synthetic hair in the basin. Anchor the hair with bottles of shampoo and conditioner to help it submerge. This also helps to keep the synthetic hair in place without undoing the strands and having them float all over the place.

Soak the hair in for about five minutes then remove it and pour out the water. Proceed to fill the basin with clean water again. Soak your synthetic hair in the same manner in order to rinse it off all the shampoo. After about five to ten minutes, remove the hair and hang it on a towel so it can dry.

Cleaning the braids will prevent scalp sensitivity. Some scalps react to synthetic hair because it is foreign. This causes itchiness and overall discomfort. Washing synthetic hair helps to reduce this.

Alternative Cleaning Methods for Braids

The other method of cleaning included Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV. For this, fill the basin with water enough to submerge your synthetic hair. Add a little bit of ACV and work it into the water by swirling the water. Proceed to soak your braids in the water for about five minutes. Use conditioner or shampoo bottles to anchor the hair.

Remove the hair and pour out the water. Rinse the basin and fill it with water again for a final rinse. Place your braids in the clean water and let them soak for five to ten more minutes. Remove your hair and hang it on a towel to dry.

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