Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular. Many people are now opting for hair extensions to deal with the problematic areas of their hair. Some of the benefits of hair extensions include: adding length, adding volume, and playing around with hair color without having to damage your own. Extensions can be sewn, woven, plaited, and bonded to your hair.


Extensions last a long time. They can stay in from eight weeks up to six months depending on the quality of extensions that you use. This helps to reduce preparation time whenever you leave the house. It also makes it easier to style your hair using heat without much risk of heat damage. For the amount that you spend to have them installed, you get to be stress-free when it comes to your hair for a very long time.

Extensions help to solve your hair problems. If you have had a problem with your hair, whether it is short or thinning out, hair extensions can be a solution, albeit not permanent. When you use individualized hair strand extensions, you are able to fill in the areas that are thinned out in case you are looking to add volume.

In addition to this, you can cover up some balding spots. When you want to add length, these extensions also help you achieve the overall look you desire because you get to choose which areas to add longer hair or shorter hair. This creates a natural layered look.

They look great. If you use human hair, these extensions look so natural and great. They help to improve your overall look. For dinners, outings, dates, work, or even school, you are always prepared.


Extensions are expensive. You need a small fortune to be able to get high-quality extensions. The standard ones are still as expensive as well. If you are working on a low budget you are not able to get extensions, especially because they might probably end up looking bad if they are cheap.

While the extensions can stay in up to Six months depending on the quality, they start wearing off about six to eight weeks in. The adhesive used to put the extensions in is normally wearing off by this point in time. You end up staying with the extensions a little while and this is expensive as you have to go back to the salon to get new ones or get a new hairdo.

Extensions can be damaging to your hair. Some of the adhesive used takes a long time to come off. It can weaken the hair causing it to thin out more. While extensions are a good temporary solution, they could lead to more problems in the future if you decide against carrying on with the trend.

At the end of the day, you have to weigh these pros and cons and decide what takes the day. The next step is to look for a professional hair stylist that is skilled in application of hair extensions.

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