Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are convenient although they might break your bank. Apart from being fashionable, what other reasons lead people to spend so much just to get extensions? Why should you consider getting extensions?

Easy Maintenance

Hair extensions are easy to maintain. They allow you to do so much with your hair. You can use heat without fearing that you will damage your hair. You also don’t need to wash them as much. You are always ready to go anywhere without having to worry about your hair.


Hair extensions open your world up to many more hairstyles. Have you ever had a style, a French braid perhaps that you wanted to try out but you did not have enough hair or the right shape of hair to pull it off? Hair extensions allow you to try out such hairstyles because the extensions are installed to your preference.


Many people struggle to grow their hair long. If you are tired of trying to do the same, hair extensions will provide an immediate albeit temporary solution. You can choose keratin bonded extensions to add length to your look. You can go from a bob to waist-length hair in a few hours.


If you want to add volume to your hair, extensions are the best. You no longer have to struggle to try to straighten hair using some special techniques to give the illusion of volume. If your hair is thin, you can opt for tape extensions. You will have a full head of hair in no time!

Quick Fix

Sometimes you have an event or an occasion that you would like to attend. Instead of making an impossible hair appointment last minute, you can choose to get clip-ins. These have the benefit of adding color, length, or volume without the need for you to make a commitment to keep them in for a long period of time.


Some people want to change their hair color without having to alter their natural color or commit to having the same color for a long time. Hair extensions can be colored and cut to fit the look that you want.

It is evident that hair extensions can be a very good idea. However, with all the reasons supporting your decision to get hair extensions, you need to know that there is a downside to getting these extensions.

Traction Alopecia

If the hair extensions are not installed by a professional, there is a high likelihood that you could end up suffering from traction alopecia. You start losing hair and slowly the follicle becomes damaged beyond repair. When choosing to put in extensions and choose a hairstyle, consider that this outcome is probable.

Slipping Off

A less severe consequence is for the hair extensions to slide off forcing you to go back to the hair salon to pay for the extensions to be redone. This is a real possibility when you are dealing with micro bead extensions. If you use oily products or a lot of conditioners, this is likely to happen.

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