How to run a hair salon

Running a hair salon is not as easy as it seems at the beginning. It is important to get it right as the success of hair salons largely depends on how you run them. Hair salons flourish when they are able to get returning clients as they will not only serve as clients but free advertisement for the hair salon that will get it more clients in the future.

Decisions like how much to charge for a particular hairstyle or how many attendants to have are thus important as these are the kind of things that directly affect clients.

You need to have a sufficient amount of attendants. This is quite subjective as it depends on the size of your hair salon and the kind of traffic it gets. You need to settle on a number that will ensure your clients are attended to as soon as they walk into the hair salon but also a number that will not force you to pay an attendant who has no client to work on.

Having attendants who are not attending to people all the time gives the impression that a hair salon is not doing as well as it should be and this may scare away some customers.

The other most important thing to consider is price. Hair salons on different streets charge different prices for the same hairstyle as they have different clientele. You would expect to have higher prices at hair salons found on business streets as the assumption made is that the customers will largely be well-off businessmen who are not very price sensitive.

If you open up a hair salon next to an informal settlement, you would be insane to charge exorbitant amounts of money for any hairstyle or hair color as this would simply mean you would not get many customers.

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