Sew in Weave

There are different types of extensions that you can choose from. You can have a micro link, tape in, clip in or sew in extensions. Sew-in extensions are the oldest type of extensions in the market. They are also fairly popular because of how easy the process of installation is. In addition to this, sew-in weaves are easy to manage and they give you an opportunity to do different things with your hair.

Benefits of Sew-In Weaves

One of the benefits of sewing in weaves is that they lie on top of your natural hair. It is protected under the extensions and so it has time to rest and relax from all the manipulation. It is therefore common to hear people having their hair underneath weaves so it can grow. In the natural hair community, these weaves are known as protective styles.

Another benefit of having to sew in weaves is that you can try different styles without compromising your hair. If you want to have a shorter cut like a bob or a pixie cut but don’t want to cut your own hair, you can get sew-in extensions instead. The same applies in case you would like to have your hair co-change but do not want to commit to the new color for a long period of time.

How to Install Sew-In Weaves

Installing weaves should be done by professionals although you can do it at home. The first step involves braiding the hair into conrows. These provide you with a base for sewing the weave in. One thing that you need to be careful about is how tight these conrows are braided. You do not want your stylist to contribute to a receding hairline because of too much pulling.

The next step will be to place the wefts of hair at the base of the conrow and sew them in. In this stage, you also want to ensure that the extensions are not too tight. It can lead to traction alopecia which is commonly known as hair loss. If the damage is extensive, it could become hard to grow out your hair on some parts of your head.

Taking Care of Sew-In Weaves

Taking care of sew in weaves is pretty simple. All you will need to do is comb the hair frequently. This prevents knotting and tangling and allows your hairstyle to look fresher for longer. Depending on the type of hair, you can also wash and style your sew-in weave with heating tools on low heat.

However, you still need to know when to let go of your weave and remove it from your head. Some people stay with weaves too long and this leads to matting as your hair is in conrows all this time. It can lead to a lot of hair shedding and damage if you are not keen.

In conclusion, getting sew-in extensions is a good idea for those who have great stylists who will install the extensions in a way that does not promote hair damage.

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