A stylist’s guide to getting you the best curls possible

In the past, ladies with curly hair opted to either straighten it out or chop it all off completely. This was because of the lack of a wide range of products and the high cost of the few that were available. But the year is 2018 and we have a sure way to help you and your curls live to the fullest at our hair salon!

  1. Use the right hair conditioner:

You may be asking how would I know if it’s the right hair conditioner. Well looking at the formula of the conditioner as well as the ingredients it contains is the best way to ascertain how good the type of conditioner you are using is. A fundamental ingredient to be seen in your conditioner is coconut oil and try to avoid using any hash cleansing formula whilst focusing on increasing the length of your hair.

  1. Don’t attack, dab it:

When trying to dry your hair, endeavor to dab it repeatedly. Attacking your hair with your towel does more harm than good as it makes it frizzy and lifts the cuticles. Head down to the nearest store to get an absorbent towel and dab away.

  1. Style whilst wet:

This makes it easier for you to work around. Applying all your conditioners and serums to your hair whilst damp makes it easier for your comb to work with. Avoid using a brush as it could lead to some hair breakage.

  1. Protect it from the heat!

Your hair is delicate and more so, your curly hair. Consider investing in a heat-protecting serum that creates a barrier to reduce the amount of heat allowed to access your head.

  1. Air-dry your hair:

Instead of using a blow dryer, try using the natural air to dry out your hair by wrapping it in a towel after applying your products. An appropriate time to do this would be whilst you are sleeping so you do not get stuck in a place for too long.

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