Things your stylist won’t tell you

The hair salon has a culture of being more of a safe haven for a lot of people. In the ’90s, whenever a new community was formed, hair salons were used as a communal place where decisions were taken and all cultures were welcomed without bias. At salons, hair stylists are the rulers, and depending on the size of your barbershop or salon you could have anywhere between 5 -10 stylists working furiously to make sure your ideal hairstyle is brought to life. But for all the good that stylists do, they also withhold a lot of information. Some of them are confidential information they learned from their gossiping customers whilst the others are tricks of the trade they use to charge you an extra buck. Check out these things your stylist is definitely keeping away from you.

Pictures will most likely never be the same as the real deal:

Whilst all stylists have several picture catalogs which they swear they could easily replicate, it turns out it is actually not true. Most time these catalogs are filled with pictures sourced from the internet or from your favorite celebrity’s Instagram page.

They don’t like sharing:

No one likes sharing. One thing stylists love is a customer who is totally sold out to them and as such, they reserve some of their very best products and techniques for these people!

They don’t like allowing other hair stylists to do their hair:

Why do you think your hair stylist has been rocking wigs for a few years now? For most hairstylists, this happens because they find it very difficult to submit their hair to a technique different from theirs.

They don’t endorse you using other products apart from the ones they recommend:

This makes sense if you realize hair stylists are very territorial people. Also, check for nail studios and nail salon services in Ann Arbor.