Types of Hair Braids

There are different hair braids that you can use for your hair. Apart from fashion and preference, the texture and length of your hair influence this decision. For example, you should not put kinky braids on extremely thin, brittle, or fragile hair. It will weaken it due to its weight and cause breakage or shedding. In order to choose the right type of braid, you first have to know the different options as well as the styles you can get done on your hair. These are:

Kinky Braids

These are very popular because of their texture. As the name suggests, they come in a slightly rough texture that feels more like African natural hair. Installing them is simple. All you have to do is grip the roots and work your hair into the braid. For most of these, twists are the best hairstyle. However, twisting at the root often causes tugging and tension that could encourage hair loss. The best technique is to start with a three-strand twist at the root then start twisting an inch into the three-strand braid.

Kinky braids can be curled and coiled through different methods. These include: threading into screw-like coils, using rollers, perm rods, or Flexi-rods, and braiding. All these techniques require hot water. To set the curls after you have used any of these techniques, dip each section into boiling water and hold for ten seconds. Squeeze out the excess water with a thick towel to avoid burning yourself.

Box Braids

These can be done using any type of synthetic hair. Box braids vary in size depending on your preference. You can opt for poetic justice braids that are chunkier. For these, you part the hair into very big sections and part the braid into thick parts as well. The size of the braid should also be the size of your sectioned hair. This helps balance out the weight and ensures that you do not put too much strain on your hair.

You could also choose smaller bob box braids. These are thinner and shorter. They are best for people with short to medium-length hair because they should not go past the shoulders. These braids require sections to be smaller. You can either cut the braid in half before starting the process or cut it after you have installed it. The former leads to a process called feathering which helps to make the ends look more natural while the latter is best for people with short hair. Cutting the braid after installation also means that you have to burn the ends to seal them.

Crotchet Braids

This has become one of the most popular hairstyles, especially in the natural hair community. To achieve this style, you need Marley braids. The texture is closest to that of natural hair. It is also versatile because you can manipulate it however you want: wash, comb out, blow dry, oil, coil or curl and even straighten using a flat iron before installing these braids, you have to get cornrows first. The procedure of installing the crotchet braids is similar to that of a weave.

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