What Does a Sew-in and Hair Weave Service Do?

Hair weaving and Sew-ins are one of the oldest art forms, it’s not like pottery or ceramics where you can just make something up as long as you have the materials. It’s all about how you present it. Sews in and hair weave service is not something new but it is more popular these days. It is also known as scarf weaving or shawl weaving. It is an important part of women’s culture, which has been practiced by the women of the African continent for centuries.

There are many reasons for its popularity among women and that’s why the demand for hair weave service is always high. The main reason is that this art is very difficult to perform because it requires the expertise of a person who knows all the skills of weaving and tying a scarf perfectly.

It may not seem like a hard job but it takes months to learn how to do it well. And if you don’t have the patience, it will be quite an ordeal. This is the main reason why there are many who would rather choose another profession. But if you want to know how to perform hair weaving and Sew in an easy way, then here are a few tips.

How Does it Work?

First of all, you need to know how a Sews-in weave service works. The basic process starts with the weaver creating a primitive headboard out of a wooden frame and sewing a small hole at the back. Then he would pin the fabric tightly onto the frame and start stitching the frame together. This creates a primitive headboard and the weaver continues by stitching the material onto the bottom and top of the frame. After the frame is done, the weaver adds elastic bands to the frame to make it a better canvas for hair weaves.

Sew-in Weave

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Sew-in Weave

What Comes Next?

The other process is the creation of the scalp and its attachment to the frame. There are many kinds of these that are being used nowadays, like Keratin Complex or Liquid Silk, Advanced Silk or Loomis Fiber, and Silk Quilt to name a few.

These are created by using special needles called hair needles which are not used during normal sewing. Instead, they are created by using the needle that goes through both holes in the headboard to sew the hair into place.

After the hair is woven onto the frame, the scalp is sewn into place as well, using the needle which has an eye at one end. The eye is to prevent the hair from being pulled out by the weaver as he moves it around. And lastly, the weaver sews the ends of the hair into the hair weave itself.

This kind of service is usually done in hair salons. However, they do not happen too often and are usually only for special occasions. This is because in ordinary situations it is difficult to get hair weaved in and out of your hair without damaging the scalp and messing up your hairstyle. In contrast, this service is easy to do at home and can be done by anyone with the right knowledge of doing it.

Looking for Sew-in Weave Services?

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Our hair stylists will also instruct you on how to properly maintain your sew-in weave and keep it looking its best. After the sew-in has been installed, we will advise you to use hair care products of the highest possible quality.

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